Everest Base Camp Trek
The Best Time to trek!

Best Time to Trek Everest Base Camp

Quick Answer: Early October to Mid November.


The two most popular times of the year to to trek to Everest Base Camp are Spring & Autumn.

Through my own experience and research I believe October to be the best month to visit for most people mainly because of its clearer skies and temperatures.

Higher temperatures allowed me to travel super light which was a huge priority for my Everest Base Camp Trek.

Many others agree that October is the best time to trek Everest Base Camp as it’s the busiest time of year.

To avoid the crowds at their peak but still get the best chances for great views I booked my travel dates from late September through early October 2017. This allowed me to trek without a sleeping bag! However, if you’re planning mid to late October then I’d suggest bringing a sleeping bag as there may not be enough blankets to meet the increased demand.

My Experience – Route, Dates, Weather and Visibility


I arrived in Jiri in the afternoon of September 26th 2017 to start the Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek.


The trek from Jiri to Everest Base Camp then back to Lukla only took me 9 ½ days. I left Lukla by flight on October 6th.

If you’re trying to estimate the number of days you’ll need then please only use my timeline as a reference if you’re a seasoned endurance athlete, traveling very light, and are a bit crazy like me.


Throughout the entirety of the trek I’d say at least a day was wasted waiting out rainy conditions. Most of that happened during the earlier part of the trek in late September.


As I started getting closer to Everest Base Camp I was told by a couple people that they didn’t have good conditions. Luckily, the weather and visibility was perfect when I arrived on October 4th 2017.

Everest Base Camp Temperature & Weather

Though high altitude trekking can’t be predicted due to changing weather conditions below you’ll find the average temperatures and weather patterns for the Everest Base Camp trek.

Autumn weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp Trek

The average temperature during autumn is 15℃/59F. However, when the sun is out the temperature can reach reach around 20℃/68F. In the morning or night it may get as cold as -10℃/14F.

This is considered to be the best time to trek Everest Base Camp by many.
September temperatures at Everest Base Camp Trek
Sep: Max 19°C/66F; Min 5°C/41F

Early to mid September weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • Still rainy from monsoon season but mostly in the afternoons, leaving the mornings clear.

Late September weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • Likely some rain here and there. Especially later in the afternoon. However, very doable.

October weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • Max 12°C/54F; Min 4°C/39F

November weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • Max 10°C/50F; Min -10°C/14F

Winter – December, January February temperatures at Everest Base Camp Trek

  • -20C/-4F to – 30C/-22F
  • It can dump snow on the trail at any time.
  • You are definitely going to need more time for weather delays.

Spring weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

In the spring, there is more color on the route to Everest Base Camp. Especially because of the rhododendron and other flowers are full bloom and decorate the lower hill region.

April and May are the most popular time of spring months on the trail to Everest. During this period of time, it’s not that chilly and not that warm.

During springtime, the average temperature is 17℃. During sunny days the temperature goes up to 25℃ and it may go down -15℃ on morning and night time. You are bound to enjoy 7 hrs of sunshine on average daily.
In spring, the wind speed also drops down to 14 km/hr.
If you’re seeking more solitude March is a good option. However, early March can be bit chilly cold after that it gets warmer.

March weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • It’s still a bit too cold for my liking coming in at freezing temperatures or below at night in the rooms closer to Everest Base Camp.
  • Definitely need the below zero sleeping bags.
    Is known to have some good views still. Less busy than April. Also it still snows during march.

April – May weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • The Everest climbing season is April and May each year.
  • May is traditionally the warmest month to visit Everest Base Camp, but it can be a lot cloudier.
  • It can snow in april and may near basecamp. Enough to keep you from pressing on toward Basecamp.
  • Apr: Max 10°C; Min -5°C
  • May: Max 15°C; Min 0°C

Summer: June – August weather & temperatures for Everest Base Camp trek

  • From mid-June to August, it is summer and also the monsoon season there when it receives lots of rainfall. During the monsoon season, the Mt. Everest might be covered by mist and disappoint you if you are eager to see its real appearance.
  • Jun: Max 17°C; Min 5°C