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Why Partner With Yóumù?

Hundreds of .edu websites link to Yóumù!

Youmu Links

We’re linked to by the most respected universities in the United States and abroad!

The majority of the universities link to us specifically for our International Jobs search. This also helps all our content rank well.

High Search Rankings

We rank high for searches related to International Jobs, various travel products, and all things travel related. We have very realistic expectations to climb even higher.

Targeted Demographics

While we create content for everyone, the majority of our traffic is from the USA. Other countries that frequent our site include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The U.K. and other European countries.

Custom Recommendations

We’ll create website, Youtube and social media content recommending the best partners to our audience.

We get thousands of unique users each month specifically looking for jobs and programs abroad.

Program Display

Beautiful & Convertible

Your programs or job listings are beautifully displayed on our site with conversions in mind.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

We provide an easy to use dashboard to manage your listings.

Program Dashboard

How To Partner With Yóumù

Post your Overseas Program
No upfront risk

  • If you already have an affiliate program then you already know how it works and how valuable it is to your bottom line.
  • If you don’t then we may be willing to help you set one up.
  • Affiliate programs allow you to get targeted marketing & advertising from our site and other publisher sites like ours.
  • The best part is that you only pay if leads convert.

Feature an International Job

  • All paid job listings will display in the top of the search results.
  • Depending on what type of paid listing you choose your job may be featured throughout our site. This includes the homepage and the International Jobs search page.

Sell a Travel Product

If we think your travel product is cool or helpful then we’d be happy to sell it on our site.

Advertise or Get Reviewed

Have something helpful for a travel audience? We can help get the word out throughout our website and in some special cases, social media. We believe social media should be personal. We’ll only make recommendations via social media if we’ve tested and/or believe it’s something our audience really would benefit from in a big way.

Join Our Team!

We’re always open to connect with individuals passionate about all things related to Inbound Marketing! Search Engine Optimization Specialists, Social Media Coordinators, Travel Writers, and related roles. This could include general internships, freelance gigs, or potential full time positions.

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