ComfoArray Travel Pillow, Neck Pillow with Head Support Design, Travel Pillow for Airplanes, 100% Memory Foam, Adjustable According to Neck Size. A Whole Travel kit.

Brand Story:

Before selling travel neck pillows, the founder for the brand worked in the financial industry, travelling a lot. He couldn’t have good rests all the way through journeys, feeling exhausted after getting to destinations for his head leaned forward always. After engaging in E-commerce by chance, he was still concerned about making a product solving sleeping problems all the way through long journeys. In this way, he created the brand ComfoArray travel pillow with his original intention. The meaning of the brand is to make all travelers have comfortable rests all the way through journeys. Now the product has been launched. By using the best materials, the product is designed to suit for ergonomic needs and the special size for each user. Jointly tested by our employees and manufacturer, the product can finally solve the sitting posture and resting problems all the way through journeys in a perfect manner!

Based on our idea “Solving actual problems and Meeting actual demands”, we can launch more related products at some point, hoping that our brand can be fully recognized by a large number of consumers!
1.Ergonomic Sleep Design. ComfoArray Head Toughen Travel Neck Pillow is designed for airplane travel. With front and side Toughen, you’ll be able to quickly get to sleep even as sitting. GIVE YOU MOST STEADY AND SOFT SUPPORT. Designed specifically for airplane seats, not pushing the head forward.
2.Adjustable to Neck Size. The side velcro can be adjusted to your most comfortable angle. Dimensions for everyone.
3.100% Pure Memory Foam and Machine Washable. We using prime quality memory foam inner core and washable pure cotton pillowcase.
4.A Whole Set of Sleeping Solution for Travelling .Attached with an adjustable eyeshade ,a pair of noise reduction earplug and a waterproof kit. The hooks included can be applied to your luggage or knapsack so that you could carry it easily.
5.A Lifetime Warranty is ensured. Return or exchange will be accepted at any time if a quality issue is found.